How to submit a hearing test for payment

April 2023

Remember, you’re able to submit a hearing test for payment if a member isn’t a candidate for hearing aids or doesn’t proceed with a hearing aid purchase. 

You’ll need to add a hearing test by uploading a hearing test document or manually entering hearing test values and handing it off properly in the UnitedHealthcare Hearing Provider Portal.

Please complete the following steps for a timely payment:

  • Upload File within the member’s opportunity
  • Enter information into required fields:
    • Type of test — Pure tone or comprehensive
    • Hearing test date
    • Provider license number
    • Hearing test provider
  • Save once file has been uploaded

Steps to manually enter a hearing test

  • Enter hearing test results manually by selecting “New” within the member’s opportunity
  • Select Comprehensive Audiogram and click “Next”
  • Enter information into required fields marked by *
  • Location/provider fields can be manually entered, as it’s acceptable to use a hearing test from another provider, such as an ear, nose and throat office
  • Enter the threshold accurately, the minimal required frequencies are indicated by *
  • NR, CNT and DNT must be entered in all capital letters

You can submit a request for payment of a comprehensive hearing test by selecting the hearing test only handoff checkbox within the new or upload hearing test button. We’ve provided an example of this below.