Explore the new digital payment experience for members

May 2023

While we still recommend collecting payment while the member is in office for optimal turnaround times, if they do not proceed with payment in your office, members can now make their payment online for their hearing devices through our new digital payment experience.

What this means for you

To initiate the process for the member, a quote will need to be generated. Once the quote is accepted, an email will be sent to the member with the option to pay online through the guest portal.

Online Payment Process

  • The member can submit payment with a credit card on the guest payment portal and will receive confirmation that their payment was successful if they enter an email address
  • Within the portal, a sales order, invoice order and collection record are auto generated, changing the status to “authorized”
  • Once authorized, the provider will be notified by email and then can proceed with ordering the hearing devices directly with the manufacturer using the PO number found in the members’ opportunity
  • The member is notified by the Provider to schedule a fitting appointment and that their hearing aids have arrived

If you don’t accept the quote, the customer care team will contact both you and the member to capture the acceptance of the document.


Reach out to our provider care team at 855-523-9355.