Important provider portal best practices

June 2024

We give you information and tools you need to manage patient information, which may enhance your workflow. You can use these helpful tips to simplify your work from start to finish:

Provider Portal patient registration

When you select email as the preferred method of communication, it must be the email of the patient and not that of the practice of the provider.

Provider Portal enhancement

We’re making referrals and authorizations more visible and easier to manage. You can now view your referrals and authorizations from the last 30 days by selecting the link on the home page. 

You can also easily search for opportunities and export the information for easier tracking and reporting within your organization. 

Timely referral request submission

Submit your referral request ahead of time to avoid disruption during patient appointments. Gathering insurance information from patients when they make their appointment and requesting a referral through the provider portal ahead of time can help decrease wait times and the need to schedule a second appointment to review benefits. 

While you may receive this information within minutes of submission through the Provider Portal, there are insurance plans that may require additional validations. When you submit the referral request at least 3 days in advance, it allows us to verify eligibility and keep you moving through your appointment efficiently.

Explore our UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal training and user guide to learn more.

Required clinical documentation

There are some insurance plans that require prior authorization and additional documentation, such as a signed audiogram, a letter of medical necessity or a prescription. You can view which documents are required for the patient by selecting Step 6. Pre-cert Documents, or by viewing the referral on the Provider Portal for the requirements needed. You can also download and fill in the blank prescription form, which meets the requirements set by the health plan.