Relate: Connecting your patients to their world

December 2022

Relate® remains the cornerstone of UnitedHealthcare Hearing’s portfolio. We are excited to share a refresh of the Relate brand. This rebrand features a new logo, a fresh new color palette and an updated brand tagline. The tagline highlights how Relate’s proven reliability, broad portfolio of options and cutting-edge technology make it possible for members to Unite with Sound.

This brand refresh is part of our commitment to our Relate brand, investment in its continued growth, and aim to deliver affordable and accessible hearing care that appeals to our members.

Relate3.1 is performance and comfort optimized for a personal listening experience that allows patients to reclaim the beauty of sound. The new product line is available for in-person care starting Jan. 1, 2023.

With an emphasis on advanced technology and affordability, Relate empowers users with state-of-the-art sound performance that’s within reach. Relate3.1 is offered in RIC, BTE and custom form factors and is now available at 2 technological levels: Silver and Gold. This combination, in conjunction with Relate custom hearing aids, increases the product lineup to a total of 11 available models.

Relate hearing aids offer:

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Binaural streaming via Bluetooth®
  • A new app function called “Tutor” that educates users on how to operate their new hearing aids and provides volume and program adjustments
  • Competitive pricing to help assist with those looking for over-the-counter-like pricing with professional care

Be on the lookout for a self-paced training in late December to learn more about Relate3.1 technology and features.