2024 Relate: Unite with sound

December 2023

On Jan. 1, 2024, the new Relate4.0 product line will be available for in-person care. Relate®, manufactured by Sonova, offers advanced sound performance, high-quality technology and is designed for affordability. 

Relate4.0 is offered in RIC and BTE models and available at 3 technological levels: Platinum*, Gold and Silver. This combination increases the product lineup to a total of 14 available models.

Relate hearing aid highlights:

  • Addition of a true premium product, Relate Platinum*
  • Up to 8 different listening environments
  • Conversation in loud noise 
  • Truly hands-free Bluetooth/wireless features
  • Made for all-direct connectivity 
  • Tap control: Accelerometer that detects a double-tap and enables easy access to Bluetooth functionality (rechargeable models only)
  • New charger: New magnetic insert makes it easier to charge and improves charge time
  • More advanced speech enhancement
  • Improved noise reduction 
  • Autofocus and Autofocus 360: Uses a binaural network of 4 microphones to determine where speech is coming from, steer the beamformer and apply dynamic noise reduction when speech is from the front

All custom products will be Relate3.1. Relate3.1 Gold custom products will be available on Jan. 1, 2024, and Relate3.1 Platinum custom products will be launched later this spring.

Take our self-paced training to learn more about Relate4.0 technology and features.

We are launching a Relate consumer-facing website to support the launch of the new products. The new website will be live beginning Feb. 1, 2024.

*Platinum available on select formularies only.

Relate® is a registered trademark of UnitedHealth Group Incorporated and is manufactured by Sonova. For assistance, if needed, or to report unexpected operations or events, please contact Sonova at