Relate® RIC hearing aids

Relate3.1  receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids are compact, lightweight and discreet. Designed with patient needs front and center, the Relate3.1 RICs feature an enticing style with powerful, long-life batteries that provide effortless listening.

Product information

  Relate3.1 Gold RIC R Relate3.1 Gold RIC 312 Relate3.1 Silver RIC R
Standard receiver Output/Gain (2cc) 111/47 111/47 111/47
Moderate receiver Output/Gain (2cc) 114/51 114/51 114/51
Power receiver Output/Gain (2cc) 122/59 122/59 122/59
Ultra power receiver Output/Gain (2cc) 132/71 132/71 132/71
Battery size Rechargeable 312 Rechargeable

Fitting charts

Available colors