Annual Care Visit Bonuses

Earn quarterly rewards when UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage members are seen for an annual care visit (ACV).

  • ACV Bonus: $50 for each qualifying ACV you conduct
  • High-priority ACV Bonus: Up to $100 for each ACV you conduct for a high-priority member identified in the Patient Care Opportunity Report (PCOR)
  • ACV Quality Bonus: An additional $50 bonus annually for each ACV you complete if you achieve a year-end Average Star Rating of 4.00 or higher

Payment schedule

Dates of ACV Payment date*
Jan. 1 - March 31 June 30, 2022
April 1 - June 30 Sept. 30, 2022
July 1 - Sept. 30 Dec. 31, 2022
Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 May 31, 2023
*UnitedHealthcare will review claims and data submissions for the previous quarter(s) and make additional payments, if applicable.