HouseCalls is a yearly in-home assessment service available to eligible members of Medicare Advantage plans, at no cost to the member. 

HouseCalls in-home assessments help supplement the care you provide to your patients who are UnitedHealthcare members. A post-visit report will be sent to you automatically after the in-home visit.

You may find some helpful insights in the report about your patient's home environment, social determinants of health, and potential barriers to care. You don't need to take any action once you receive the post-visit report.

For more information, review the HouseCalls Service FAQs or call us at call us at 888-591-1511. 

 Supporting the Continuity of Care

During each assessment, HouseCalls Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) focus on reinforcing the patient’s relationship with you. By working together, we can help improve health outcomes for your patients. We work with you through the following steps: 

Introductory outreach to you

We'll send you a letter and HouseCalls brochure with more information about the service.

In-home assessment

A HouseCalls APC visits your patient in their home for a health assessment.

Your patient receives “Ask Your PCP” form

This form is completed during the in-home assessment and includes suggested topics for the patient to discuss with you at their next office visit.

Post-visit report

We'll send you a post-visit report with patient diagnoses, medications, recommendations, point-of-care lab results, and vital signs.

Lab notifications

Results for labs that were completed after the visit will be sent to you separately.

How it works

Once per year, a HouseCalls licensed advanced practice clinician (APC) visits your patient in the comfort of their home to conduct a health assessment. This assessment is personalized to your patient’s needs. During the assessment, the APC: 

  • Reviews your patient’s health history
  • Completes a medication reconciliation
  • Conducts a physical examination, including health screenings/tests as appropriate
  • Identifies health risks and care opportunities 
  • Provides tailored education and referrals

The HouseCalls difference

By visiting patients in their home, HouseCalls helps to supplement – not replace – the care you provide. Service features include:

  • Innovative member engagement: Up to 60 minutes spent with the patient, including in-depth education of complex health conditions and identification of social determinants of health
  • Comprehensive APC network: 3,800+ licensed APCs, more than half of whom have four or more years of experience. HouseCalls serves members in all 50 states.
  • Collaboration in quality improvement: HouseCalls can help improve performance on key Star measures

Benefits for care providers

HouseCalls in-home assessments can help provide a broader picture of your patient’s health and identify care opportunities that may not be apparent during an office visit. Benefits for care providers include:

  • In-home health touchpoints that help reinforce your patient’s relationship with you
  • Identification of topics to discuss during the patient’s next office visit with you, resulting in increased office visits, screenings, tests and labs performed in the home or through referral
  • A review of the patient’s medication, which may result in increased medication adherence
  • Comprehensive diagnosis documentation and coding, which can lead to increased closure of care opportunities and more accurate documentation of a member’s health status

Proven outcomes

HouseCalls in-home assessments have resulted in1

87% Star gaps closure rate2

89% repeat visit acceptance rate

99% member satisfaction rate

Learn more

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  • Overview of service and key HEDIS measures addressed during the in-home assessment

HouseCalls FAQ

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about HouseCalls

Practice Assist

  • A workflow management tool that enables providers to manage patient care opportunities and suspect medical conditions across multiple health plans

HouseCalls Video

¹ 2023 HouseCalls program data

² Within applicable measures