March 01, 2024

Update your One Healthcare ID to maintain portal access

Update: Because of the evolving nature of these updates, please visit for the most up-to-date information. 


Changes are coming soon to your UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal access. If you use the portal, you’ll need to update your One Healthcare ID authentication options to retain access.

Set up authenticator now

This is the preferred authentication method and has been available since July 2023. If you’ve already set up authenticator, you’re off to a good start. Please note, you may want to adjust or add additional authentication or recovery options as they become available.

Ready to set up authenticator? Get started now.

To support this change, we’ve created several resources for you to reference. These will be updated as information becomes available to support your organization.

By updating your sign-in method today, you can help ensure patient care and claim payments aren’t delayed and day-to-day claim tasks aren’t interrupted.

What’s ahead

In summer 2024, we’ll also be removing email as a sign-in and recovery option. If authenticator is not an option for your organization,* we’re working on other solutions to meet your needs. These options will be coming later in 2024 and details will be added to the above resources when available.

Sharing a One Healthcare ID or don’t have one?

With this change, each user will need their own unique One Healthcare ID. To set up a One Healthcare ID or for instructions on connecting to a tax ID number (TIN), please visit Please note, administrators can bulk add new users with appropriate access, but new users will still need to create their own One Healthcare ID. For detailed instructions, view the User Management Guide for Administrators.

Why we’re updating the One Healthcare ID sign-in

These changes reflect a shift toward modern authentication, which offers your organization more secure access to the portal without the need for additional passwords. These new sign-in options help you protect your identity as well as your organization and patient data.


Visit the One Healthcare ID Help Center. You can also get One Healthcare ID support by calling 855-819-5909 or emailing


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