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Register for an instructor-led session to learn how to use the digital solutions available on the Provider Portal.

Featured Course: Claims Overview

Overview of the features on the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal for the entire claim process, from the initial submission of a single claim (1500) to checking status and submitting a reconsideration or appeal, if needed and more!

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Discover how to view claims, access letters and remittance advice documents, submit corrected claims or claim reconsiderations, and more

Document Library and Paperless Delivery

See how to get letters the day they are generated, access reports, and more

Eligibility and Benefits

See how to verify eligibility, get ID card, view coverage details, and more

Getting Started with UnitedHealthcare

This is the first course all new care providers should complete. Whether you are new to our network, have a new employee, or simply need a refresher, this live event is designed to give you what you need to get started working with us.

Prior Authorization and Notification

Learn how to check requirements, submit new authorizations / notifications, check status, and submit updates

Registration and Provider Portal Security

Learn how to access secure self-service tools (submit claims, verify eligibility, check prior authorizations, and more)


Find out how to track reconsiderations, pended claims, appeals and smart edits, get emails about your submissions and flag claims for easy access