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Featured Course: UnitedHealthcare Individual Exchange Plans in 2023

Learn more about the UnitedHealthcare Exchange plans including essential health benefits, coverage levels, and tools available to assist you in working with UnitedHealthcare Exchange plan members. 

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 2023 Medicare Advantage Plan Overview

2022 Special Needs Plan Model of Care Training

All Savers Insurance - Understanding Our Affiliates

Chronic Special Needs Plans (C-SNP)

Designated Diagnostic Provider - Guide for Referring Physicians

Hospice Benefit Implementation Value-Based Insurance Design: 2022 Update for Health Care Professionals and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Level2® - Understanding Our Affiliates

NexusACO Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Providing Care to UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust Members

Special Needs Plan Introduction

Special Needs Plans (SNP) Annual Face-to-Face Encounters

UnitedHealthcare Freedom Plans: Tufts Health Freedom Plan (THFP) changes to UnitedHealthcare Freedom Plans

UnitedHealthcare Individual Exchange Plans in 2023