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Learn how you can save time, get better documentation and reduce paper by using our online self-service tools.  

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Portal Tools

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Access and New User Registration
Easily complete your registration and start using UnitedHealthcare’s self-service tools. Our Registration and Access Management guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

How to Create and Manage Users
Administrators will see how to create and manage users for the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal

3rd Party Access Guide for Primary Access Administrators
See how to request or manage 3rd Party Access for the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal, allowing users to have a single One Healthcare ID for all the tax ID numbers they need to access.

UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal Overview
Discover how you can use the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal for all your online services, including claims, eligibility, prior authorization, referrals and much more. 

Eligibility and Referrals

Eligibility and Benefits Interactive Guide
Verify member eligibility, determine benefits, view care plans and get a digital copy of the member ID card using Eligibility and Benefits on our provider portal.  This guide will show you how to find all the details.

Referrals Interactive Guide
Use the UnitedHealthcare provider portal to check referral requirements, submit requests and see the status of referrals.  This guide will get you started using our Referrals solution.

Prior Authorizations and Notifications

Prior Authorization and Notification Interactive Guide
See how to check prior authorization and notification requirements, submit requests, upload medical notes, check status and update cases – without faxing or calling using our Prior Authorization and Notification solution on our provider portal.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans Prior Authorization and Notifications Guide

Learn how to use the Prior Authorization and Notification tool on the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal for a Rocky Mountain Health Plans member.

Claims and Payments

Claims Follow Up Interactive Guide
View claim status, take action if needed and check the status of tickets using Claims on our provider portal.  This guide will walk you through all you need to know.  

Claims - How to Submit Electronic Reconsideration Requests and Appeal/Disputes Interactive Guide
See how to use the Claims tool to submit online claim reconsideration requests and appeals.

Track-It Interactive Guide
Easily follow up on your claim, prior authorization or referral workflows and take action, if needed. You can address time-sensitive Smart Edits and even view some letters in TrackIt to save time.

Claims Research Project
See how to search and submit a reconsideration request for multiple claims with the same reason for review.

Claim Submission
See how to enter claims electronically using the same information as the CMS-1500 paper form.  This tool is ideal for practices that don’t work with an EDI clearinghouse. 

Emergency Department Claim (EDC) Analyzer
Access the UnitedHealthcare Emergency Department Facility Evaluation and Management Coding Reimbursement policy and how to use the Optum Emergency Department Claim Analyzer.  

Documents and Reporting

Document Delivery Settings Interactive Guide
Learn how to turn off paper delivery of letters that can already be found in Document Library and manage notifications of new available letters to the appropriate staff. Only Primary Access Administrators may adjust settings.

Document Library Interactive Guide
As we transition from paper delivery to digital solutions, here’s the support and information you need to make the process as seamless and smooth as possible, including how to use Document Library.

Document Library Teams View Interactive Guide
Teams View in Document Library allows you to assign and manage documents to help support your team and your workflow. Use this view to assign letters, make comments, and view the status of documents in the application.

Practice Management

How to Create and Manage Users
Administrators will see how to create and manage users for the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal

3rd Party Access Guide for Primary Access Administrators
See how to request or manage 3rd Party Access for the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal, allowing users to have a single One Healthcare ID for all the tax ID numbers they need to access.

My Practice Profile
Keeping your demographic data up to date has never been easier. Learn how My Practice Profile allows you to make quick and accurate changes online. 

Onboard Pro Interactive Guide
Faster and easier credentialing: Onboard Pro allows participating medical groups and clinics to easily submit requests to credential and add new physicians to their tax ID number (TIN) and group contract.

UnitedHealthcare Digital Solutions Guide for Revenue Cycle Management Companies and Business Vendors
Revenue cycle management companies, billing services and business vendors can explore this self-paced guide to learn about the benefits of using digital solutions for greater efficiency and documentation.

UnitedHealthcare Insights
Discover more about the UnitedHealthcare Insights solution that puts transparent and actionable data in your hands.

Clinical Related Tools

Care Conductor and Notification of Pregnancy
See how to improve outcomes by submitting an Obstetrical Risk Assessment Form (OBRAF) to notify UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of pregnant members.

CommunityCare Provider Portal User Guide
Discover how to access and use the CommunityCare provider portal.

Point of Care Assist
Discover Point of Care Assist. Point of Care Assist, adds real-time patient information —including clinical, pharmacy, labs, prior authorization, and cost transparency — to your existing electronic medical records (EMRs) to make it easier for you to understand what patients need at the point of care.

Practice Assist Overview
Learn more about Practice Assist, a workflow management tool that enables providers to manage patient care opportunities and suspect medical conditions across multiple health plans.

PreCheck MyScript® - Provider Portal Access
The PreCheck MyScript solution helps make it easy to run a pharmacy trial claim and get real-time prescription coverage detail for your patients who are UnitedHealthcare benefit plan members. This guide will provide directions on how to access PreCheck MyScript through the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.

Specialty Guidance Program – User Guide for Authorization Request Submissions
Learn more about the UnitedHealthcare Specialty Guidance Program (SGP) tool, MBMNow. This is an evidence-based prior authorization tool for non-cancer specialty drugs that require prior authorization under the medical benefit.

Electronic Connectivity: EDI and API

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Application Programming Interface (API) Overview
Discover how API can fill in the gaps for information you may not be getting with your current data streams.

API Marketplace Registration
Learn how you can easily complete your registration and start using UnitedHealthcare Application Programming Interface (API).

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Overview
Get an in-depth look at what Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is and how it can help your practice or facility.

EDI Connectivity
Learn more about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)  and the specific types of transactions you’ll be able to access when you establish an EDI connection.