Training and Education

See the training information below and stay up-to-date on topics that are important to your practice.

Monthly provider training for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Nebraska

You can attend training sessions on the last Wednesday of every month, with exceptions to dates indicated below.* See the following schedule and register early to stay up to date on topics that are important to your role at your practice.

Please share this information with anyone who would be interested in attending our events. Let us know if you have suggestions for future training sessions. 

Month Topics and Registration Invitations
Jan. 31, 2024 Heritage Health plan overview
January registration
Feb. 28, 2024 UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal overview
February registration
March 27, 2024 Behavioral health provider resources
March registration
April 24, 2024 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) overview
April registration
May 29, 2024 HEDIS measure overview
May registration
June 26, 2024 Payment integrity and Smart Edits claim optimization tool
June registration
July 31, 2024 Return to the site for training information.
Aug. 28, 2024 Return to the site for training information.
Sept. 25, 2024 Return to the site for training information.
Oct. 30, 2024 Return to the site for training information.
Nov. 20, 2024* Return to the site for training information.
Dec. 18, 2024*  Return to the site for training information.
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Our Healthcare Professional Education and Training page is your source for on-demand education created specifically for UnitedHealthcare providers. It gives you in-depth information and meaningful updates from UnitedHealthcare 24/7 and can be accessed from any device.


  • Claims and Payments: Get the most recent claims processing information.
  • Link Tutorials: Tutorials will quickly get you up to speed with our online self-service tools.
  • State-Specific Information: Each state has its own page for state-specific information and resources.

State-Specific Courses and Guides

Provider Express Training & Guided Tours - Optum Provider Express offers guided training about prior authorization, eligibility and benefits, and claims (claim entry, corrected claims, claim inquiry, etc.). First-time user training is available as well as a technical resource guide.

Provider Express Webinars & Training Resources - Optum Provider Express offers informational webinars and training resources for providers to learn more about how to use the website and other topics that may be vital to your practice.

  • Online training for Behavioral Health Providers is available under “UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Prior Authorization Training for Behavioral Health Providers”.

Provider Express Toolkits

OptumHealth Education - OptumHealth Education offers accredited, on-demand webcasts and information regarding upcoming conferences for both physical and behavioral health providers. Some activities include Disease Management, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavioral Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.