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Per North Carolina DHHS SPECIAL BULLETIN COVID-19 #168: Vaccination Counseling Code Reimbursement, effective 6/22/21 providers must bill CPT 99401 with a CR modifier and there is no requirement for a specific diagnosis code.

Targeted Case Management & Care Management Duplication Statement
UnitedHealthcare is committed to the health and well-being of all our members and in doing so offers care management support for members needing support managing chronic conditions, linking to social supports and/or otherwise needing support accessing certain benefits.  Certain members fall within certain priority populations (e.g. members with HIV) and receive care management outreach either through UnitedHealthcare staff or staff within delegated care management entities such as Tier 3 Advanced Medical Homes, Clinical Integrated Networks or Local Health Departments.  In review of the HIV Targeted Case Management service description and Clinical Coverage Policy, it was determined that the service closely mirrors the care management requirements established by the North Carolina Department of Health Benefits for members enrolled in the Standard Plans and providing both required care management supports as well as HIV Targeted Case Management would be duplicative and cause unnecessary member confusion and abrasion.  As such, the case management services and supports available through UnitedHealthcare and the delegated case management entities will be the mechanism available to members with HIV/AIDS rather than the separate service of HIV Targeted Case Management.