Individual Health Record™ (IHR)

A digital tool that provides an all-in-one record of an individual’s health, enabling a person and their care team to help improve collaboration and care. (Currently not available to MN care providers.)

The right data informs the right decisions.

IHR works in partnership with your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and existing population health tools to consolidate and securely store an individual’s health story into one comprehensive digital record, even if your patients see other providers. 

You and your practice will have a unified record of your patients’ history, including lab results and prescribed medications. With a more thorough view from IHR, you can see firsthand how to effectively engage with your patients at the point of care.

The IHR will provide a more comprehensive, accurate information and tailored insights to each individual to support health collaboration across the system.

Establishing a solid foundation.

How it’s different

With IHR, you’re equipped with information that allows you have more deliberate and collaborative discussions with your patients to help them make better health care decisions.

IHR is unique compared to systems in three important ways:

  • IHR is dynamically comprehensive. Making it easy to see data between care providers in near-real time to make more informed health care decisions.
  • IHR delivers actionable intelligence. IHR synthesizes the data to create insights among individual health events.
  • IHR supports health collaboration.  IHR delivers a comprehensive record of your patient’s history, uniting data from your practice and other providers.

IHR is one more way that UnitedHealthcare is helping people live healthier lives and helping the health system work better for everyone.