UnitedHealthcare Commercial Medical & Drug Policies

The Medical Policies, Medical Benefit Drug Policies, and corresponding update bulletins for UnitedHealthcare Commercial plans are listed below.

For California members, note that the materials provided to you are guidelines used by this plan to authorize, modify, or deny care for persons with similar illnesses or conditions. Specific care and treatment may vary depending on individual need and the benefits covered under your contract.

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A monthly notice of recently approved and/or revised Medical Policies and Medical Benefit Drug Policies is provided below for your review. We publish a new announcement on the first calendar day of every month.

The appearance of a health service (e.g., test, drug, device, or procedure) in the Medical Policy Update Bulletin does not imply that UnitedHealthcare provides coverage for the health service. In the event of an inconsistency or conflict between the information provided in the Medical Policy Update Bulletin and the posted policy, the provisions of the posted policy will prevail.

Copies of UnitedHealthcare's Medical Policies and Medical Benefit Drug Policies can also be obtained by sending a written request to:

UnitedHealthcare Policy Requests
4 Research Drive
Shelton, CT 06484

For questions, please contact your local Network Management representative or call the Provider Services number on the back of the member’s ID card.